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updated Octobert 1st. 2002

by the Cyber Cafe Team


First Indonesian Education Institution on the Web since 1995

Institusi Pendidikan Indonesia pertama di dunia maya sejak tahun 1995

Atlantic Publishing Company - Food Service Products and Books

A Community College where selected Vocational Education institution in Indonesia joined together in preparing students with high standards of international competence and as the First Indonesian Virtual Vocational Education institution that is able to lay direct contact with the hotel and restaurant industries in Indonesia and Worldwide; London, Paris,  Singapore or Ipoh is just a "close neighbor" to Makassar.

A step a head to fulfill the local and international demand for high standard operation skilled employment, after successfully modifying the 1994 and 2001 curriculum and implementing the Indonesian National Standard of Competence in the training process during the practical training at several campuses in Indonesia, 

In co-operation with the Directorate of Vocational Education and by  approval of The President of Republic Indonesia, H.E. Madame Megawati Soekarnoputri the first virtual vocational education program will be launched in 2003:  International Hospitality School Makassar

Students of SMKP "Tunas Bangsa" in Makassar, SMKN 1 Palu  and SMKN 1 Jayapura are automatically students of the IHS Makassar and has the first priority to be placed for their overseas industrial attachment training in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Noordwijk, Singapore, Ipoh and Malacca. 

Overseas and other Indonesian students can apply to be a member of this virtual college and could have the international standard of competence certificate after passing the examination and assessments. Practical and on the job training for students of this virtual education will be took place in the students home area. The learning material and the self assessment test are available on line. Student who follow this virtual education will get their learning material in the form of books and cd's. The IHS Makassar is supporting every students with the learning material for every learning package and competence package chosen and assisting students to suitable attachment training hotels around the world.

Not like other vocational education institution in Indonesia,  the competence examination at International Hospitality School is prepared by the industry and will be judged by the industry and International certified assessors . Students and candidates have to pass a professional test and all counts during the learning process to decide before the certificate will be issued. Discipline, ability, competence, knowledge and professionalism in courses and job training are count for the issuing of the certificate and declaration of mastering a certain study program.

All depends on the students! Not on the institution, neither on the training establishment!

Students who want to join this education system has to apply to IHS Makassar by replying the online registration form. 

Young professionals, who has international experiences in five star hotels, like the Savoy Hotel and Marble Ark Hotel in London  will assist the students, by using the video conferencing for direct assistance.

This institution is also the first Indonesian Vocational School using the internet for the developing of her education system, where students are able to get the learning material from the web and an interactive session is available on request by the students who are having their overseas industrial attachment training using the Netmeeting and Videomail. To find more of this click here

Become a member of this community college or follow the courses online for a brighter future in the Hospitality Industry.

Atlantic Publishing Company - Food Service Products and Books





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